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How Does Jinggu Machinery’s maize flour mill machine work?

How Does Jinggu Machinery’s maize flour mill machine work?

I have worked for Jinggu Machinery for 8 years in the industry of Maize flour milling machine. And Gone to many African countries with our installation engineer, Learned many knowledge of making flour, especially maize flour.

General Consideration of the design of technology flow is that keep physical properties unchanged, Maize flour milling machine process maize kernel to maize flour, maize meal which are used for staple food, still maize grits which used for snack puffing food in African.

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Jinggu Machinery being the professional manufacturer of maize flour milling machine, and I am also a old staff, here I would like to introduce the following aspects of processing, operation of maize flour milling machine to you.

   And hope it will be good for you to understand how Jinggu Machinery’s maize flour milling machine work?

  Jinggu’ maize flour milling machine is a complete production line consist of cleaning, degerminator, Milling, packing.


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1.Here we firstly talk about maize cleaing system:

Jinggu Machinery adopt high efficiency vibrating sieve, destoner, ,Scourer,magnetic separator to remove the big,small impurities, stone, steel block, black point, in order to get clean maize. And then enter into next processing procedure.

2.Adjusting moisture of maize 

 We use dampener to add water for maize, increase the moisture of maize so that get good effect of milling, maize is fed into the dampener through the front-end inlet. 

Water is sprayed into the maize near the inlet. the maize is transferred from the end to the top of the machine by the mixing blades when intensive intermixing and water penetration by the rotor whirling system are achieved. The thoroughly dampened maize is discharged from the machine outlet.

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3.Degerminating system:

After adding water by damper, maize will sleep in the Mid-condition for a period of time to assure that the germ and bran of maize absorb enough water, while endosperm will not absorb water. It is more good for separating the bran and germ from endosperm which not absorb water by degerminator.

   What is the function of degerminator?  The main purpose is that get pure maize endosperm which will be processed into low fat maize flour, maize meal or grits, Removing bran and germ.

4.Maize Milling system.

Different type maize flour milling machine possess different daily output. They have different quantity of roller mills which is the key and important machine in the whole processing production line. Roller mill is mainly used for grinding maize into small endosperm,even maize flour, maize meal.

Regarding the size and how many kinds of final products, the engineer of Jinggu Machinery will design technology flow according to the requirement of customers and the need of local market.

6FTF-50T maize flour milling machine-04.jpg

5.Maize Sifting system:

Sifting system is as important as Milling system. Jinggu Machinery use plansifter to separate different size work-in-process materials after mill.

Plansifter,a perfect classification machine, has many layers with different standard screen cloth. Our engineer can adjust screen cloth to meet the requirement of final products customer ask.

     Plansifter classify the materials which pass through break, reduction and scratch systems and sifting to get the maize flour suitable for market need.

6.Packing system of final products:

   Jinggu Machinery adopts high quality packing machine which can pack PP/woven bag of 5-10kg/Bag, 10-25kg/Bag, 25-50kg/Bag.

6FTF-70-80T maize flour milling machine-03.jpg


That is all, it is a simple introduction of our maize flour milling machine, meanwhile, Don’t forget that we are also the professional manufacturer of wheat flour milling machine,

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If you want to know further details of maize flour milling machine, welcome to click our website:  https://www.jinggumachinery.com  https://www.flourmillmachine.org 

Jinggu Machinery have exported Maize flour milling machine to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya etc, it can produce high quality super white maize meal.

If you are in the market of maize flour milling machine, please donot hesitate to contact me:


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